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Reviewer Features Summary

  • Full-packed, full-featured CAPM-PMP Reviewer
  • With primer on CAPM and PMP Certification process and requirements, including what to expect in exam.
  • Dripped Lessons – Completely cover the whole review course in an accelerated (but comfortable) and guided 28-day crash program.
  • CAPM and PMP Pretests – Establish your preparedness baseline with 150- and 200-item exams simulating the actual CAPM and PMP exams, respectively.
  • 1,000+ (and counting) review items/questions based on actual CAPM and PMP exams, complete with explanations. Randomized questions and randomized answers for maximum learning.
  • 13 (and counting) topic-specific Flashcard Reviewers.
    21 (and counting) topic-specific Practice Quizzes.
  • 3 full coverage Practice Quizzes to choose from: Quick Quiz, Daily Quiz, and Weekly Quiz
  • CAPM and PMP Mock Exams — 150- and 200-item exams simulating the actual CAPM and PMP exams, respectively. Benchmark your mock exam results against your Pretest result.
  • All pretest, practice quiz, and mock exam results are recorded in your Review Central account and also emailed to you.
  • Downloadable Cheat Sheets/Memory Sheets
  • CAPM-PMP Glossary
  • Use as often as you want throughout your 1 year subscription period. Anytime. Anywhere. From any device.
  • Exclusive Access to the 1st edition of the Review Central CAPM-PMP Offline Review Companion Booklet (Start of ordering and shipping dates to be announced). The booklet will contain all the cheat sheets/memory sheets from the CAPM-PMP Reviewer – Premium PLUS 500 items of carefully curated CAPM and PMP exam items/questions, with answer key.

About to enroll? Read this first.

  1. You may browse through the content of this reviewer even if you are not yet enrolled but you may not access the contents unless and until you are already enrolled.
  2. If you are already planning to enroll, you need to be logged in to Review Central before proceeding to enroll.
  3. If you see an Enroll Now button above WITHOUT a Login link below it, it means you are already logged in. Clicking the button will transfer you to Paypal where your payment will be immediately processed.
  4. If you see an Enroll Now button WITH a Login link below it, it means you are not yet logged in. Click on the link instead of the button. This will bring you to the login/signup page.
  5. Take note that at the moment, our Learning Management System accepts Paypal and Credit Card (via Paypal) payments for real-time and immediate enrollment.
  6. No Paypal or credit card? Go to the Offline Payment page instead.

Already enrolled? Check this out before you get started.

Congratulations for taking this big step in seriously preparing yourself towards that all-important exam.

Here are some tips and pointers to get the most of this online reviewer.

  1. Bookmark this page so you can quickly access it from your browser. If you are using your smartphone or tablet, Add it to your Home Screen.
  2. You need to be logged in to access your reviewer. If you are accessing from your own device, always click “Remember Me” when logging in.
  3. Read the PRIMER for the exam you are preparing for and all introductory materials. These contain important information to aid and guide you in your review.
  4. If a PRETEST is available with your reviewer, make it a point to take it within 5 days from your enrollment, and before proceeding with the rest of the reviewer. The PRETEST is designed to be taken ONLY ONCE. It is a simulation of the actual exam you are preparing for and its sole objective is to set a baseline for your “preparedness level” in taking on the actual exam. 
  5. You will notice that some topics are not immediately accessible and will only be available at a certain date after your enrollment. This is known as dripped lessons or contents.  This was intentionally set to allow you to focus on one topic before proceeding to the next.
  6. You can track your review progress by marking topics or review materials as completed. Marking a topic or review material as completed will also automatically bring you to the next one.
  7. Results of your pretest, all practice quizzes, and all mock exams are recorded for your future reference. Each test/quiz result is also emailed to you. To view your test/quiz results, go to Home > Menu > MyAccount > My Profile. Your test/quiz results are located in one of the widgets in the right sidebar. The same widget may also appear on your right side bar when you access certain pages while you are logged in.
  8. Your reviewer is perpetually a “work in progress.” We regularly update it with new materials as they become available. Some updates may not be obvious (e.g., additions to the questions database), but others will be quickly noticeable from your reviewer content outline (e.g., new topics or new review materials and tools). Do watch out for these.
  9. Pace yourself and settle on a comfortable but active review routine.  Do the Quick Quiz and topic-specific practice quizzes everyday, as often as possible. In addition, do the Daily Quiz on a fix schedule (either start-of-day or end-of-day). Schedule the day of the week and time to do the Weekly Quiz. Finally, commit and strive to do the Mock Exam at least once a month, possibly in lieu of one of your Weekly quizzes.
  10. Always track your progress and celebrate every gain you make. Your ultimate goal is to build your confidence towards your actual exam.
  11. Good luck and have fun reviewing!

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